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BRDNSKY Arts & Crafts

Original art for Original people.  Phillip is always on the look out for  potential paintings.  With camera in hand, he sets off on adventures.  Some images have stories behind them. Some are provocative. Others stir the emotions.  No matter where he goes or what he is doing, his eyes are keyed to color, shapes, and mood.  Sometimes inspiration comes from deep within the mind's hidden caverns, waiting for explorations in meditation.  At other times inspiration is obscured by the mundane.


Crafts are pieces of art of a different nature.  Everyday surfaces may hold captive expressions or materials shaped to provide service.  They are what carry the inspiration and soul of the one who crafted them.  Wooden cutouts or outdoor furniture are expressions of the one who brought them to you.


Art is an expression of life.  Collect those inspirations that carry you into another reality.  Phillip is also available to express those images that have moved you from the ordinary into transcendental thought.


Wander through the gallery and collect inspirations.

Prints available through Deviantart.

Someone found Derek so cute, she had to buy him!

Art of a different sort. 

  Just want you to know that I was VERY PLEASED with the two pieces of wood work
that you done for me!!!!!
I couldn't imagine how you were going to clean the antique wood that I brought you,
nor how you were going to paint the sign on it.
When you e-mailed the pictures of it, I thought that they weren't to bad, that they would do.
But when I saw them , I was VERY, VERY, IMPRESSED and happy that you did them for me.
You did a Wonderful Job and will have more done by you.
Thank you so much!!!!